Contradiction basically expresses when people face some fascinating bad things, although they know they must be cheated or failed, they still couldn’t prevent themselves from into it. The piece starts from a lazy, shiftless protagonist who used to drifting along and taking things as they are until he meets the magic that leads him to a “better life”. He begins to chase it, but finally he finds out that it is just a flash in the pan. He gets disappointed. A little chip of the magic leaves him a final power, which brings him back to his original life. It indicates that most of the time in reality, there isn’t an absolute failure. People could always find one goods out of ten bads, or the way to start over.


After these experiences, he has some changes. No longer reap without sowing or waiting for things to come, he decides to create by his hand. It might not be as great as what the magic gives, but at least would never leave with wind. However, when the pretty temptation comes again, will he chase it this time? Ideally, he wouldn’t as he already tasted the result. But in reality, would he be sure that he won’t go with it? Life has no short cut, but sometimes we lost, as we all like magic. 

Working in Progress

Test Version 


I attempt to use obscure and abstract way such as using symbols to express the story instead of telling it directly. And also spend a lot of time to consider what the “beautiful world” that the magic carries. Since I am trying to talk about person in general, so I hope the “beautiful world” could includes all the people desires as much as possible. I used Maslow’s theory of demand as the basic structure, creates a “layers world” on top to reflect people’s the necessities needs, material needs, emotional needs and spiritual needs, etc.


I didn’t mean to criticize something or being ironic, but just bring up a topic to think about. The story ends up as a question form. There is no right or wrong answer to it. I couldn’t even give an answer for myself, so I left it as  an open ending. 


 I like reading Psychology and philosophy theories and books, so a lot of inspirations are coming from them. The design of the character is inspired from people’s still figure. Since there isn’t much facial expression, so if the character has “no faces”, it would move the focus to the body action.


The idea of the piece was born two years ago, but it actually comes to work from the beginning of April 2017 until the middle of May. This is the first time making a more than 5 mins animation. I did all the work from designing, modelling and animation alone. Plus the limitation of time, I think there are a lot of flaws and imperfections. But still feel thankful to my great professors and friends who have given me a lot of good advices. And being able to screening at Gene Siskel Film Center. I gain a lot from such a great experience. Now I got many useful feedbacks, and planning to make further changes.

The final version will be updated Soon

Trailer 2